Tips to Prepare for Botox or Dermal Fillers

How To Prepare For Your First Botox Edmonton/ Filler Appointment

If you’re considering botox injections, or fillers then naturally if it’s your first time you will be feeling a little bit nervous! This article covers the basics about what you can expect both before and after your treatment. Just like friends and family before you, that have already had fillers or botox, you’ll see just how easy it really is!

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Prepping Prior To Your Treatment

Two weeks before the date of your treatment you should stop taking all types of anti-inflammatory medicines. Those include aspirins, non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines like Motrin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve Gingko Biloba, Fish Oil Supplements and Vitamin E.

What’s The Reason To Stop Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medications?

The reason behind this is because agents used inside anti-inflammatory medications could cause the injection site to bleed more and bruise. If you do need to take pain medication prior to botox and fillers in Edmonton then Tylenol is perfectly fine.

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Increase Your Green Food Intake

It’s not rocket science that greens are good for us, everyone’s heard about five portions of fruit and veg each day. Before having botox or fillers in Edmonton by increasing your intake of green leafy foods, you will reduce the chances of bruising and swelling. The reason behind this is that Vitamin K content in green leafy foods is high, and this is a known natural preventative for swelling and bruising. Spinach Kale and Celery are all excellent sources of Vitamin K. Really you should not just increase this before botox in Edmonton, these three leafy greens are excellent to incorporate into your everyday diet for a healthier life!

Another supplement that has been shown to help to reduce the discomfort, swelling and possible bruising from injectables like botox and fillers in Edmonton are Arnica pills. You can start taking them on the day prior to your procedure, or on the day of the treatment. Arnica can then be continued until the bruising you have has healed.

Although botox and fillers are not really painful, for those of you that really cannot take the pain it is possible to have a numbing cream applied to the areas of the filler or botox, approximately 20 minutes prior to the procedure. This will help you to get optimal results.

Put Your Social Plans On Pause Prior To Having Botox Fillers In Edmonton

If you are the life of the party, and are having the fillers and botox to help boost your confidence, then be prepared not to make your big debut immediately after having the procedure performed as possible bruising caused by botox and fillers can take between seven and ten days to heal. Make sure not to make plans that involve you being in the public eye during this time for obvious reasons!

How Long Does It Take To See The Results?

The good thing about botox and fillers is that the effects are visible fast. It only takes between 3-5 days befoe you will able to see significant improvement, with the ultimate results being prevalent two to three weeks later.

What Should I Do After My Botox/ Filler Appointment?

Facial massages are a big no, no for 24 hours, as are facial cradles. You must abide by this time period to ensure that you don’t alter the effects of the treatment. Also, steer clear from electronic facial laser treatments for at least a fortnight.

Don’t worry when it comes to make up and your everyday beauty regime however, became the very same day as you have the injections you’ll be able to carry on putting makeup and looking your best!

Is It Safe To Work Out After Having Botox or Fillers in Edmonton?

Sorry to break the news, but you have no excuses to put a halt to your exercise and gym routines. It is 100% safe to work out and participate in physical activities after putting botox or fillers. Leave it for the first day though, you don’t want to put yourself through too much distress!

Investing in some VitaMedica Arnica + K Cream will fare you well, because it is extremely effective in the prevention of bruises around delicate areas of the face such as the mouth, and around the eye area. You should apply this cream for at least a week prior to having your procedure. The effective ingredients inside this are Vitamin K and Arnica.

Prior to having your fillers make sure that you’re not dehydrated. Also ensure that you eat a large meal and have a snack to eat immediately after having the procedure performed. Why? Just like transport needs fuel to run, the human body requires food and drink to keep alert! You’re at your best when your stomach is full and your body is hydrated.

As mentioned above, ensure that you have nothing planned after your fillers or botox Edmonton. This way you’ll be able to put an icepack on your face when you get home and just relax. Usually after the injection have been placed sunscreen and foundation will be applied. If you have extra makeup that you want to bring along to the appointment though, please be sure to bring it along with you.

It is also very important to notify the Dr if you take any types of blood thinning medication

Face down massages are not something that you want to be doing for two weeks after. You also need to ensure that you refrain from putting swimming goggles on for at least a two week time frame after having any type of botox Edmonton injected.

If you are a retin A user, then please make sure that you don’t use the cream the night after the procedure. You can then go straight back to using retins the day after.

After The Work Is Done How Can I Maintain The Look?

You need to make sue that your skin is hydrated, hyaluronic acid is great to help you look your best. It helps water to bind to the skin. Also, making sure that you book your next appointment six months after will help you to maintain the look. Aside from the maintenance side of things, you will also be able to make sure that you can make continuous improvements as time goes on. If you carry on having fillers and botox in Edmonton for two years, you will not need as much after the initial two years has passed.

So, there you have it, how to ensure that you get the best from your botox/fillers appointment in Edmonton. (click here for more information), (and here), and here)

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