Fitness Tips and Advice

Though New Year’s is still another month or so away, many of us will start thinking about getting back into shape really soon.  In most cases, that’s going to involve shedding a few pounds–especially those gained during the holiday season.  For others, some might be interested in increasing their muscle size and strength too.

Here’s a list of some useful fitness tips and advice:

  1. Best method for gaining strength:  Auto Progressive Resistance Exercise is being heralded as the latest training method to improve your muscle strength.
  2. Static Contraction Training:  If you’ve hit one of those inevitable exercise plateaus, static contraction training might be the answer for you to improve your strength.
  3. If you’re just lacking in motivation, having an exercise partner can be a great way to keep you motivated.
  4. Top 4 Chest Training Mistakes – This article is a must-read if you regularly perform bench press exercises.  Find out why you’re not getting the proper results.
  5. Muscle Building 101 – Provides all of the basics that you need to plan your training regime.
  6. Tabata Training – If you’ve never heard of tabata training, that’s okay.  Find out now why it’s a great way to help you lose body fat.
  7. Speaking of losing body fat, high intensity interval training or HIIT training is also an excellent method to get that lean sculpted look.
  8. Find out why the reverse grip bench press can be your secret weapon for packing on more chest muscle.
  9. Though not for everyone, particularly if you workout at a commercial gym, weight lifting with chains can be a great way to improve upper body strength.
  10. Now that you’re considering exercising, make sure that you don’t do make some of these common exercise mistakes.



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