Is Coca Cola Actually Serious about Fighting Obesity?

To many of us, the idea of Coca Cola waging a war on obesity reads like an April Fool’s Day joke…  Yet, if you’ve had your head in the sand for the past few months, you might be surprised to realize that this isn’t actually a joke!

Yes, Coca Cola, the purveyor of adipocyte fueling beverages has launched a commercial campaign declaring its own personal war on obesity.  Let’s get serious here, right?

Well, if Coca Cola was serious about launching a war on obesity, why wouldn’t they stop selling Coca Cola, to start with?

What would Baskin Robbins do if they wanted to launch a war on obesity?

Okay, let’s work together to fight obesity, so stop buying our products…  That’s a great marketing ploy, isn’t it?

Already, the response to this campaign has met with skepticism ( and in some cases outrage (

Perhaps, as one blogger suggests, Coca Cola should come with a warning label like tobacco products (

What do you think?  Did Coca Cola make us fat?


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