WordPress Blogging Tips

WordPress is a popular blogging platform for bloggers in every niche from those who blog about the NHL, the Oilers, or in other niches.  While most people who blog for fun start on Blogspot or free-hosted WordPress.com, it might surprise some to know how little it actually costs to host your own WordPress site on a custom domain name.

Finding a hosting provider

Though not the most reliable hosting provider, you can usually buy a domain name for about ten dollars and host your site for $2 per month with a Dreamhost shared hosting plan.  Bluehost is far more reliable and typically costs about just under $7 per month.  With either option, you can get started pretty quick with a one-click WordPress installation and then make a few modifications starting with adding ‘pretty permalinks‘ as well as some WordPress plugins, design elements, and maybe a new theme.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

For some, they can find a WordPress theme that they like from the WordPress.org Theme Directory.  If you can’t, be wary of using a free theme from other sites since they can have malicious code or bad links in the theme footer which will hurt your ranking in search engines.

There’s an entire market for premium WordPress themes with many popular options including StudioPress, Solostream, DIY Thesis, and several others.  Some premium themes have option pages which make customizations easy if you’re not into coding CSS or PhP.  Others require more programming knowledge if you want to make modifications.

Getting WordPress properly setup

Some useful sites for setting up a WordPress blog include WP Beginner and Yoast.