10 Healthy Living Tips

For many of us, we’re looking to get fit and stay in shape.  If you fit into that category, here’s a list of 10 healthy living tips to help make that task just a little bit easier.

10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Find out how Extreme Free Running can help get you back into shape without spending time engaging in boring workouts at the gym.
  2. If Extreme Free Running sounds a little too dangerous for you, maybe you’d like to try a safer form of exercise such as Ceroc Dance classes.
  3. If Ceroc Dancing is a little too slow for your lifestyle, you might want to try the more up-beat Zumba Dance Classes instead.
  4. Okay, so maybe you’ve had enough of watching Dancing with the Stars and you’d rather stick to the gym.  If that’s the case, maybe the Ryan Reynolds Workout is more your style.
  5. Though not a humors topic, if you’re young and fit and still have problems …  here’s some major causes of erectile dysfunction in young men.
  6. If you own a cat, your cat could be making you sick.  Find out if you have any of these Toxoplasmosis Symptoms to make sure that you’re okay.
  7. Several people suffer from anxiety symptoms or stress.  You might want to find out if the Slow Cow beverage will work to lower your stress levels.   Slow Cow is known as an anti-energy drink which has the opposite effect of typical energy drinks such as Red Bull.
  8. For those who’re on the wrong side of 50, you might want to read more about how you can shrink your prostate naturally, particularly if you’re already experiencing symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
  9. Speaking of workouts, most people that spend time at the gym are looking to pack on some extra muscle.  Here’s a guide that should help you get bigger muscles faster:  Build Muscles 101.
  10. On the other hand, if you’re looking to shed fat instead, you should try out high-intensity interval training to get that toned look.

Coffee and Your Health?

For those of you who drink coffee regularly, you may be relieved to hear that coffee consumption is not associated with an increased risk of brain tumors.   In fact, researchers at Imperial College in London actually found that coffee consumption was inversely associated with the risk of a specific type of brain tumor, gliomas [1].

CONCLUSIONS: In this large cohort study, we observed an inverse association between total coffee and tea consumption and risk of glioma that was consistent with the findings of a recent study. These findings, if further replicated in other studies, may provide new avenues of research on gliomas.

In other related coffee news, is coffee bad for your health, is an article which covers a review of the effects of coffee consumption on diabetes and cardiovascular risk.

For a more detailed evaluation of the cancer risk associated with coffee consumption, the aforementioned article highlights the associations between common forms of cancer and coffee or tea consumption.

Lastly, coffee extracts have been shown to promote weight loss, though no coffee mannan products are currently available on the market yet.


  1. Am J Clin Nutr. 2010 Nov;92(5):1145-50. Epub 2010 Sep 15.

The Junk Food Diet Helps you Lose Weight?

One of the most unusual diets to gain popularity in the news in recent memory is the junk food diet.  Most recently, Mark Haub, a nutrition professor from Kansas State University promulgated the results of his recent weight loss endeavors.

What did mark eat to lose weight?  Apparently, Mark consumed a diet that consisted of 2/3 of its calories from junk food such as Twinkies.  Some people are already calling this diet the ‘convenience store diet’ since many of the items on Mark’s shopping list can be found at convenience stores.

What’s surprising to some is that Mark actually managed to lose an astonishing amount of weight over the 8 weeks that he consumed this diet.  However, this weight loss was largely related to him limiting his caloric intake to just 1800 calories per day.

For a detailed listing about the weight loss he achieved as well as the changes in his blood tests from going on the twinkie diet, follow the link.


WordPress Blogging Tips

WordPress is a popular blogging platform for bloggers in every niche from those who blog about the NHL, the Oilers, or in other niches.  While most people who blog for fun start on Blogspot or free-hosted WordPress.com, it might surprise some to know how little it actually costs to host your own WordPress site on a custom domain name.

Finding a hosting provider

Though not the most reliable hosting provider, you can usually buy a domain name for about ten dollars and host your site for $2 per month with a Dreamhost shared hosting plan.  Bluehost is far more reliable and typically costs about just under $7 per month.  With either option, you can get started pretty quick with a one-click WordPress installation and then make a few modifications starting with adding ‘pretty permalinks‘ as well as some WordPress plugins, design elements, and maybe a new theme.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

For some, they can find a WordPress theme that they like from the WordPress.org Theme Directory.  If you can’t, be wary of using a free theme from other sites since they can have malicious code or bad links in the theme footer which will hurt your ranking in search engines.

There’s an entire market for premium WordPress themes with many popular options including StudioPress, Solostream, DIY Thesis, and several others.  Some premium themes have option pages which make customizations easy if you’re not into coding CSS or PhP.  Others require more programming knowledge if you want to make modifications.

Getting WordPress properly setup

Some useful sites for setting up a WordPress blog include WP Beginner and Yoast.


18 Useful Free Twitter Tools to Manage your Tweeps

42751, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday July 20, 2010. Lindsay Lohan's booking photo after she checked=

Lindsay Lohan has a short stay at the Gray Bar Hotel.  Word is that she’s having a hard time finding some bottled water to drink.  I guess we probably won’t hear any Tweets from her for about 30 more days either.

Twitter can be a useful social media tool, but it can also be a real pain to manage all of your Tweeps.  Here are 18 Free Twitter Tools to manage all of your Tweeps, unfollowers, and everything else you could require.


Gatorade’s new social media command center

Okay, so this would definitely fit in the category of “offbeat” for this Oilers blog.  I just read a post the other day about Gatorade’s new social media command center.   If it sounds farfetched like something out of Star Trek or maybe Nasa’s control center in Florida, well you would be wrong to think that this is a joke.  Perhaps the name for these social media operations borders on cheesy, but the technology is anything but. For all of the hype that this story is getting, the actual command center looks fairly small.


Edmonton Oilers vs. Boston Bruins – Game 14 [L 2-0]


Oilers at Boston - TD Gardens

Oilers at Boston - TD Gardens


Edmonton Oilers vs. Boston Bruins [October 31, 2009; 11:00 am]

Happy Halloween!

Today, the Edmonton Oilers (7-5-1) will be playing the Boston Bruins (5-5-1) at the TD Garden.  Did I mention that the game itself is at 11:00 am MT?  As for Boston, they’re coming off a single recent loss against the New Jersy Devils.
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