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Low On Oil – An Edmonton Oilers Fan Blog…

Low On Oil is a blog that aspires to provide the latest Oilers news, player analysis, trade rumors, and game coverage all from a fan’s perspective.  Let the Low On Oil blog be your Oilers gauge throughout the year.

Why Low On Oil?  This blog, in particular, was started following the Oilers third consecutive year of missing the playoffs.  For a once proud if not storied franchise, it certainly felt like things had reached an all-time low for the Edmonton Oilers organization–not even the blue-collar work ethic remained. With the hiring of Pat Quinn and the other new coaching staff, it looks like more auspicious times will be in our future.

Comments are greatly appreciated, so if you have some thoughts or feedback–even if you disagree with me about something, be sure to speak your mind.

Lastly of course, Go Oilers!!!

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2 thoughts on “Fan Blog – Edmonton Oilers

  1. Yeah, thanks Gr8one. I started this when the OMB went down.’s going to be a great Oilers blog–Racki’s going to be adding some exciting stuff to his site and we both know how talented Racki is with graphic artwork.

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