The Junk Food Diet Helps you Lose Weight?

One of the most unusual diets to gain popularity in the news in recent memory is the junk food diet.  Most recently, Mark Haub, a nutrition professor from Kansas State University promulgated the results of his recent weight loss endeavors.

What did mark eat to lose weight?  Apparently, Mark consumed a diet that consisted of 2/3 of its calories from junk food such as Twinkies.  Some people are already calling this diet the ‘convenience store diet’ since many of the items on Mark’s shopping list can be found at convenience stores.

What’s surprising to some is that Mark actually managed to lose an astonishing amount of weight over the 8 weeks that he consumed this diet.  However, this weight loss was largely related to him limiting his caloric intake to just 1800 calories per day.

For a detailed listing about the weight loss he achieved as well as the changes in his blood tests from going on the twinkie diet, follow the link.


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