Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings – Game 13 [W SO]

Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings

Red Wings at Rexall

Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings – Thursday October 29, 2009, 7:30 PM – Rexall Place

The Edmonton Oilers (6-5-1) will be hosting the slumping Detroit Red Wings tonight (4-4-2) [Thursday October 29, 2009] at Rexall Place at 7:30 MT.  Despite their slow start to this season, the Detroit Red Wings are still able to instill feelings of consternation among opposing team fans with the Oilers being no exception.

Osgood as it gets?

Chris Osgood is off to a slow start this season posting a 3-2-2 record with a .882 save percentage and 3.41 goals against average.  As such, Jimmy Howard will get the start tonight against the Edmonton Oilers.  Jimmy Howard himself has an uninspired 1-2-0 record with a .890 save percentage and 3.03 goals against average.  Hopefully the Red Wing’s problems in net can snap the scoreless streak of Shawn Horcoff.

Oilers AHL stacked blueline?

No Lubo for you!  As much as goaltending has been a concern for the Red Wings, so too has the Oilers injury and flu riddled corps of defensemen.  With Lubomir Visnovsky expected to be out of the lineup with the flu, he will be joining Steve Staios and Sheldon Souray on the sidelines.  Strudwick himself though seasoned with experience lacks speed, the ability to get the puck going the right direction, and often makes defensive lapses in his zone.  Taylor Chorney’s been a pleasant surprise to a degree in terms of his play.  However, with a blueline consisting of Strudwick, Chorney, and Peckham with the previously named defensemen out, the Oilers are going to be in tough tonight.  Theo Peckham’s recently recovered from injuries himself and in his previous two games played this season, he’s shown that he’s far from being able to play at the NHL level.

Well, we can hope that these AHL defensemen have been practicing health and fitness tips and taking some beta alanine.

Oilers held scoreless last two games…

The Edmonton Oilers are coming off two straight, shut-out losses against both the Vancouver Canucks and the Colorado Avalanche.  With Pat Quinn electing to load-up on the first line with Gagner, Penner, and Hemsky, the opposing teams have been able to shut down our top line.  Secondary scoring efforts have also consequently suffered with the combination of our top-heavy roster and flu bitten team.  It’s quite likely that Pat Quinn will elect to shift the lines around tonight in an attempt to generate some scoring.  As of yet, I haven’t found a likely Oilers lineup for tonight up front.  As for the back end, it seems like we’ll see a combination of a kid/Strudwick with a more reliable (theoretically) vet defensemen.

Edmonton Oilers projected lineup:

Dan Tencer’s reported via twitter that the kid line will be back on tonight.  He also noted that both Lubomir Visnovsky and Mike Comrie were absent from this morning’s skate.  There’s also some rumblings around the ‘Sphere of Shawn Horcoff playing on the top line with Hemsky/Penner!  Horpensky is back?  The Oilers projected lineup is from Jason Gregor and the Oilers site itself (defesemen).  Racki’s provided the info for the Detroit Red Wings projected lineup.




*Pisani or Comrie might draw in.

*Apparently Oilers website has different dmen pairings than Gregor:

Gilbert- Chorney
Grebs -Smid
Strudwick- Peckham

Detroit Red Wings projected lineups:




Period 1 – Oilers 3 / Red Wings 0

  • Overall, the Oilers despite their depleted lineup looked to have more jam during this first period.
  • We gift-wrapped four minutes of powerplay time for Detroit after JFJ scored the first goal of the game.
  • I wouldn’t have bet a nickle on JF Jacques ending the Oilers 7 period scoring drought.
  • Peckham went to the box after Gagner received a late hit.  Following that, Cogliano went to the box for receiving a pass with too many men on the ice–earning the Oilers a bench minor.
  • JFJ scored in the first minute of play following a juicy rebound from Howard.
  • After killing 4 minutes of penalties, Dustin Penner batted one in from in front of the goalie’s crease.
  • Hemsky scored a power play goal with a nice feed from Penner–Howard looked way out of position on the play.
  • The Detroit Red Wings have had plenty of good scoring chances, but Bulin’s been pretty solid.
  • The Oilers have been a little loose defensively in their zone, but despite the 2 minute differential in power play time, the shot totals only favor Detroit 15-12.
  • Conversely, the Oilers are favored with 4-2 being the tally on shots from prime scoring locations.
  • Detroit’s been pretty effective at generating pressure down low, but the Oilers have picked up the rebound opportunities.
  • Did I mention that Babcock’s one really intense coach?  He looked like he was going to have a stroke when the Red Wings failed to convert on their 4 minutes of power play time.

Period 2 – Edmonton 5 / Detroit 2

  • Hemsky scored on the break-away with a nice interception from Penner on his skate at the point.
  • O’Sullivan’s still on the power play and as I’ve noted frequently, he doesn’t have much of a shot from that far back.   We had a power play and couldn’t get much going, but Sulli sent a weak slap shot 10 feet wide of the net that gave up possession.
  • We gave up an odd man rush with Helm coming out of the box who scored.
  • On the Oilers ensuing powerplay, Horcoff managed to find the puck from underneath Howard after Penner tried to bury it.  Horcoff scores!
  • Zetterberg got a lucky goal off a shot directed loosely towards the net that hit Chorney’s skate and went in from the left side of Khabibulin.
  • Zetterberg set up a nice play with Strudwick leaving his man open, but the Red Wing rung the shot on the open net off the post.
  • Cogliano and Nilsson got a 2v1 rush going the other direction, but Nilsson ‘lost the handle’ on it and didn’t manage to get a shot on net.
  • Period shot total is Oilers 23 Wings 22.
  • As for shot locations, they favor Edmonton 10-2 with most of Detroit’s shots coming from the perimeter.

Period 3 – Edmonton 5 / Detroit 5

  • Though the Oilers managed to kill a penalty with Grebeshkov in the box for tripping, they’ve had somewhat of a melt down in the third period.
  • The Red Wings have put a ton of pressure down low and manged to score 2 goals.
  • The Oilers have been horrible positionally in the third with the Red Wings using long stretch passes to create chances.
  • On Detroit’s 3rd goal of the game, Smid was pinching at his blueline and it lead to an odd man rush for Detroit.
  • For Detroit’s fourth goal, Strudwick won a puck battle in his corner only to pass the puck to a Red Wing five feet up the boards.
  • If there’s a defensive pairing that you don’t want to see in the dying minutes of the third period, it’s Peckham and Strudwick.  Detroit scored the tying goal with this pairing on the ice.

Overtime: No scoring

Post-game thoughts:

  • Well the Oilers got the win in the shootout.  Bulin made all three stops.
  • Hemsky using the same play as Gagner beat Howard but fell and lost the puck.
  • Gagner was stopped–I am not quite sure why Quinn continues to open shootouts with Gagner given that Nilsson is a far better option statistically.
  • O’Sullivan with his quick release beat Howard for the winner.
  • After the blow-out in the third period combined with the Detroit Red Wings hitting a few posts during the game, the Oilers have to be happy with the two points.
  • Conversely, this game probably shouldn’t have gone to OT.
  • Overall, this was a battle of poor goaltending (Howard) vs. the Oilers AHL defensemen (Strudwick, Chorney, and Peckham).
  • The two points are a relief, and we’re not going to go too far unless we get some real dmen back in the lineup.



5 thoughts on “Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings – Game 13 [W SO]

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  2. Bleh. Here’s to hoping the Bulin Wall is fully fortified for tonight.
    Unrelated, how do you get the number of subscribers to show on your RSS? Kind of neat feature. And congrats to the growing number. What you write is a good read and it’s nice to see so many taking notice.

  3. Hey Jonathan, thanks as always for commenting and vising my blog. You should fire off an email to me: hockeynoob at ymail.com, so I can tell you how to do it–it takes more than a few steps.

    Hopefully we can exploit Howard tonight to end our scoring slump. We’ll need a great game from Bulin with out lineup tonight on the back end (No Souray, Staios, Visnovsky)–so I definitely agree with you about that!


    Hockey Noob

  4. Hey Racki,

    It’s 3-0 with JF Jacques being the unlikel Oiler to snap the 7 periods of no goals for the Oilers. Penner with a nice rbi into the net and Hemsky on the powerplay with a great feed from Penner. Even Horcoff’s ended is drought with an assist.

    Howard’s looking pretty rough in net for Detroit. We’re looking a little rough in our zone.

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