Edmonton Oilers – Injury concerns?

Injured Oil...

Injured Oil...

Okay, I thought that I would just take a quick look at some of the injury concerns with the Edmonton Oilers roster of players.  The list is unfortunately long for this early in the season and potentially could grow longer if typhoid Hemsky’s flu spreads to other members of the team…

  1. Sheldon Souray – Sheldon’s out with a concussion injury that occurred in the second of our two games vs. Calgary.  For those who saw the incident with Jarome Iginla, it’s not surprising that Souray’s still out.  Over the past several games, our power play hasn’t had his cannon from the point and it shows.  Tom Gilbert scored from the point in the preseason, but I am not sure if he’s got any on net since.  Instead, we’ve relied on Visnovsky’s shot from the point.  How long will Souray be out?  He’s still listed as out indefinitely.  Along with his excellent shot, the Oilers miss his physical presence in their own end.
  2. Steve Staios – Staios is also out with a concussion injury.  From what I recall and can still visualize, the injury occurred with him getting checked behind the Oilers’ net.  His back was square against the boards and the check itself didn’t look particularly devastating.  Steady Steve has certainly lost a step or two and with Chorney’s surprising play, his absence is less of a concern.  Strudwick himself seems to vacillate rather than oscillate from decent games like the last one vs. Vancouver to being downright scary to watch (as an Oilers fan) in our own zone.
  3. Fernando Pisani –  Surprisingly, even without our best penalty killer last year in Pisani, the Oilers are currently ranked 12th in the league on the PK at 81.2%.  Few will forget some of Fernando’s memorable goals during the Oilers last playoff run.  However, he’s had an unfortunate number of injuries and illness to cope with since.  He’s currently out with a back injury, but it few details have been disclosed that I am aware of.  If Fernando can return at his previous level of play, his presence would benefit the team.
  4. Marc Pouliot – With the quality of play that we’ve seen thus far from one Gilbert Brule aka Creme Brulee, I am not sure where Pouliot will fit into the roster when he returns from his sports hernia surgery.
  5. Ales Hemsky – He’s already returned for one game and I hope to see him play vs. the CBJ’s this week.  I believe he tested negative for the Swine Flu, so Edmontonians can breath a sigh of relief.
  6. Gibert Brule – What’s eating Gilbert Brule or rather what was Gilbert Brule eating?  He missed a game due to a stomach flu–never a pleasant experience.
  7. Ryan Stone – Ryan Stone’s brought some crash and bang intensity to the Oilers squad as an agitator.  During last night’s game vs. Vancouver, he left the game early.  To me, it looked like one of his legs got caught in another players as he was falling.  I imagine he might have twisted his knee in the process.  I hope that the MRI doesn’t show and torn cartilage or ligaments.  Speaking of irony, Ryan Stone apparently injured his knee in a tangle with Tanner Glass.
  8. Shawn Horcoff – Still playing, but has apparently has a bruise from a blocked shot on his foot.  I only mention this because it’s still early in the season, he’s got an injury and is still playing, yet the calls to lynch Horcoff can already be heard from mobs of fans.  Lay off the Horcoff!!!   🙂

More updates to follow… sometime in the future… possibly

Jason Gregor over at Oilers Nation has a few updates today…  It sounds like Ladislav Smid is also now afflicted with the flu.

Back to Ryan Stone,

Ryan Stone had an MRI yesterday, and today he was getting a scope on his knee. They think he has a meniscus tear, but won’t know until they see it on the scope today. It looks like he is gone for at least two to four weeks. They will know more following the scope.

Hm, I had a meniscus tear in one of my knees from a skiing accident in Banff.  It was several years ago, but in my case, my knee has never been the same since.  I would imagine that if Stone does have a significant tear, he could be out for far longer than 4 weeks.  I would guess that were now talking months not weeks.  The health and fitness of this team could be a concern going forward.



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