Robbie Schremp–One man is an Islander…

Rob Schremp - New York Islanders

Rob Schremp - New York Islanders

Schremp passes to Tambellini… he shoots, he scores!

As per Dan Tencer’s twitter, Rob Schremp has been picked up on waivers by the New York Islanders.  For Rob Schremp, this amounts to a best case scenario for the Youtube star.

Though it was widely speculated that Rob Schremp would actually clear waivers, he was fortunate to get picked up by the New York Islanders.  During the Oilers training camp and preseason, Rob Schremp didn’t show very much other than some decent skills on the powerplay vs. some AHL filled teams.  However, I was happy to read that he did get picked up by the Islanders.  It’s hard not to notice the irony of him possibly playing with Jeff Tambellini.  For many Oilers fans, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief as it appears that all of the drama surrounding Rob is finally over.  In the unlikely event that Rob puts up 40 points on the Islanders, we can look forward to more though.

Back to the Edmonton Oilers…  Liam Reddox was placed on waivers today–so far he is yet to get picked up off the waiver wire, but some teams may have interest.  Though he’s known as a hard worker and fairly reliable defensively, I’ve never quite understood all of the analogies like him being a poor man’s Pisani.  Seeing him during this preseason, I am reminded that he’s basically a very small checking winger with decent skating speed and virtually no offensive upside.  In my mind, he would have to take a big step forward in some aspect of his game to be useful at the NHL level.  Even if you play smart, it’s not easy for a small player with limited offense to crack a roster unless you can skate and check like Todd Marchant.

As for the latest news, speaking of Fernando Pisani, he recently had an MRI with undisclosed injuries to his back which will put him on long-term IR.  This will help to address the Oilers salary cap issues, but still leaves an unswered question for Nilsson.



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