Hockey Night in Blogdom – 30 Teams in 30 Minutes

Hockey Night in Blogdom - Hockey Noob?

Hockey Night in Blogdom - Hockey Noob?

Hockey Night in Blogdom, a feature of the New York Times Slasphot blog, consists of a series of questionnaires sent to bloggers from the 30 teams in the NHL.  To start the new NHL season, they’ve asked a list of preselected questions to bloggers from the Western Conference teams including yours truly–Hockey Noob.

Of the questions asked, perhaps the most interesting was the following:

What player would you most like to see checked right through the Zamboni doors?

To justify my answer to his question, watch this:

Fortunately, we’ve got JF Jacques to make Regehr think twice this season:



4 thoughts on “Hockey Night in Blogdom – 30 Teams in 30 Minutes

  1. Hey Noob!

    Was a busy day for me at work today (I just got home, actually) and didn’t really get a chance to look at this. Congrats on making the big time 😀

    Well deserved! Hope for many more articles to come on the Slapshot blog.

  2. Hey Racki, thanks! Well, it’s fun to get invited to participate in the Hockey Night in Blogdom questionnaire this season for the Slapshot blog as an Oilers blogger, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve made the big time, lol. To clarify, I am not actually writing blogs for the NY Times, rather I am just participating in this season’s questionnaire series along with 29 other team’s bloggers.

  3. Oh sorry, I misunderstood and thought you would be blogging with them. But nonetheless, it’s still cool that of all the Oilers bloggers out there, you were chosen. So obviously you’re turning some heads.. great work!

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