Pat Quinn-Keep Plucking That Chicken!


Pat Quinn, keep plucking that chicken!

Pat Quinn, keep plucking that chicken!


Over the past few weeks, a new catch phrase has emerged from New York…  Yup, ‘keep plucking that chicken’ is a phrase that’s spreading like wildfire.  Just a few short weeks ago, Ernie Anastos, a New York Fox 5 co-anchor, mistakenly said something else when he apparently meant to say, “keep plucking that chicken.”

All of my bad photosphops aside, for the record, I really like Pat Quinn and what qualities that he can bring to the Edmonton Oilers organization.  To start with, Pat Quinn’s got an excellent record at making the second season.  He’s clearly an intelligent man with who brings a wealth of hockey experience.  On top of that, I believe that he possesses the necessary qualities to work with and motivate our players, but also to foster a culture of accountability and success within the organization itself.  Further, we can hope that he can leverage his relationship with Steve Tambelleni to make potential roster changes as he sees fit.

I can appreciate that Pat Quinn has a difficult job in terms of having to make some hard decisions about our roster.  By Wednesday, he has to pair down the roster from the current list of 31 players to 23.  Assuming that Eberle is sent back down, that leaves us with 19 forwards for 14 spots.  However, with the injuries to Moreau, Pisani, and Pouliot, I am not quite sure how that will factor into things.  Though unlikely, there’s also the remote possibility that the Edmonton Oilers might pick up a player or two from the waiver wire.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that the current roster of players has an overabundance of small skilled players.  The primary strength of our team lies on the backend with a potentially healthy Bulin wall and strong corps of dmen.  Since the dmen are pretty much a given baring a roster change, the big decision for Pat Quinn will involve our forward skaters.  Given that he has little choice but to fit some square pegs into round holes, he’s already shown some creativity in pairing 2 skill players with a Coke Machine.  If you’re a betting man, it’s probably the safe bet to take a position against this actually working, but we may be surprised.

As for Ernie Anastos, here’s what he really said:



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