Ryan Stone on the Oilers’ roster?

Ryan Stone in the NHL?
Ryan Stone in the NHL?

Okay, so I thought it was time to take a quick look at the Edmonton Oiler prospect, Ryan Stone.  We’re still in the preseason, but already Stone’s making a great impression as well as a case for a spot on the Oilers  this year.  Relative to the Edmonton Oilers roster, perhaps the most important numbers in Ryan Stone’s favor are the following:  6’2″/207 lbs.

Ryan Stone was draft early in the 2nd round of the 2003 draft at number 32 by the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He was traded to the Edmonton Oilers in January 2009 in a package including Danny Sabourin as well as a 2011 4rth round pick for Mathieu Garon.  Last season, he played a near even split in terms of games for  the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins and the Springfield Falcons.  Ryan was 2nd in scoring with (77gp/17g/40a/57p/+3/117PIM).  In fact, he was one of the few forward skaters on the Springfield Falcons to finish the year with a positive plus/minus number.

Back to the preseason games…  With the very limited sample size of stats taken into consideration, so far, there’s a few more numbers besides his size that look good for Ryan Stone.  At this point, in the two games that he’s played, he has 0g/3a/3p–not to mention that he’s plus 4.  Overall, this puts him in a tie with Tom Gilbert for points at 3rd as well as tie with Mike Comrie for 2nd in terms of plus/minus numbers.  Okay, so he’s only played two games against a couple teams filled with AHL level players, but Ryan’s still putting forward a good effort.

If Ryan Stone does make the Oilers’ roster this year, his name does lend itself well to a variety of headlines.  Really, there’s nearly endless possibilities:

  • Ryan Stone–caught between a rock and a hard place?
  • A Ryan Stone gathers no moss!

Ryan Stone seems to be looking pretty good during the preseason at least on the line with Mike Comrie and Patrick O’Sullivan.  Already, he’s survived a number of Oilers cuts and he just might find himself playing in the bigs this season…



7 thoughts on “Ryan Stone on the Oilers’ roster?

  1. Call me crazy, but I can see Stone being a guy that Quinn keeps around. Right now, he’s making a good name for himself. That O’Sullivan Comrie Stone line has looked quite good. And I was really surprised to see that Stone’s AHL stats were pretty equal with both teams last year.. same points, nearly same number of games. AHL stats don’t mean a damn thing, of course, but it’s a little promising that despite the meltdown Springfield had last year, he wasn’t TOO bad. He could be a bit of a sleeper pick to make the team. Who knows.

    It’s a new coach, and a clean slate (this year’s cliche/mantra).. anything can happen!

  2. Hey Racki,

    Yeah, I agree that Ryan is just a stone’s throw away from being on the roster this year 🙂

    I guess when we look at some of the other players on the bubble right now, Ryan’s size, 2-way play perhaps, and his physical game seem to stand out. Given that the bubble boys are getting a new look from a new coach, they’re all in a position where they have do some things to stand out. So far, guys like Brule, Schremp, Nilsson, Reddox, and Pouliot haven’t done much. Reddox and Schremp should pretty much be headed out soon. I’m not quite sure what will happen with Nilsson as his contract puts him in a different situation than the others.

    Even in the snoozefest of a game in toon town, Ryan had some nice hits including the one on Tavares. Overall, it’s tempting to try the Comrie/Stone/O’Sulli when the real games start.

  3. Tambelleni today noted a few things about Ryan Stone. 1. He apparently has the highest Vo2 Max test results on the entire hockey team which tells you that the guy showed up at camp in great shape. “He plays hard, he finishes checks, and he’s got a little bit of an edge to him….It’s something that we’re looking for. Can he sustain that? We’ll see.”

    1. whether he sticks with the big club(which I’m kind of hoping for) or plays in springfield, I think it’s safe to say that Tambo did a damned good job getting him for Garon in a market where goalies weren’t worth a roll of tape.

  4. Yeah, good point! From what I recall, the trade for Ryan Stone was pretty much Tambo’s first deal as a GM. I too am hoping that things work out with Stone since he stands out as guy who isn’t just another small, skilled player of which we have too many.

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