John Tavares makes NHL debut!

John Tavares makes NHL debut!

John Tavares makes NHL debut!

Last night at the Rexall Place arena in Edmonton, New York Islander, John Tavares made his NHL debut alongside teammate, Doug Weight.  John Tavares was the first overall pick in the 2009 NHL entry draft.  I was fortunate enough to witness this debut with thanks to David Staples of The Edmonton Journal for some great skybox seats.  Visit David’s excellent blog, The Cult of Hockey, in my blogroll section.

Though it was definitely an exciting opportunity to get to see John Tavares play in his first NHL game–albeit a preseaon game, Tavares was held scoreless by the Edmonton Oilers.  Of note, Tavares won 10/16 faceoffs during the game which includes the one in the above picture vs. Andrew Cogliano.  Credited with only one shot during the game, Tavares was also on the ice for the first Islander goal by Bruno Gervais which was unassisted.  However, he was also on the ice for 2 of 3 the three goals scored by the Edmonton Oilers during the 3rd period.

Of note, John Tavares was reportedly recovering from a recent flu which may have affected his play somewhat during this particular game.



4 thoughts on “John Tavares makes NHL debut!

  1. Tavares apparently ate up 22 or 23 minutes (lazy, sorry :P). That’s a hell of a lot for a forward, especially one with the flu. So I kind of wonder if that flu stuff might be blown out of proportion, otherwise he probably would have sat more, you would think..?? But who knows. At any rate, he looked pretty flat out there, and I noticed a couple of times where Trukhno stripped him of the puck. Both he and Eberle outplayed Tavares, I thought.

    Thanks again for the ticket!

  2. Hey Racki, thanks for coming to the game. Yeah, Tavares did look a little flat out there. I guess part of the reason for that is just the expectations that everyone has for him.

    Overall, the most surprising thing for me was seeing how good Eberle actually looked on the ice. He certainly looked like one of our better players on the ice for that game which I didn’t honestly expect. Given the contract issues, his age/size, and other factors it might be unlikely to see him play much in the NHL this year. However, even if we have to wait another year to see him crack the roster, we’ve got something to look forward to. Eberle definitely looks like he’s going to be a very good NHLer in the near future.

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