Oilers Training Camp 2009

Rob Schrmep, Schafted?

Rob Schremp, Schafted?

Okay, first of all, if you’re wondering about the Schremp photo, well let’s just say I wanted to use it before it’s too late, lol!  On the one hand, Schremp’s fortunate that he’s going to get a fresh look from a nearly completely new coaching staff.  Yet, on the other hand, the recent signing of Mike Comrie could amount to a death knell for whatever chance he may have had at cracking our roster.

Speaking of Rob Schremp, from reading some updates on the Oilers training camp over at Oilersnation yesterday (Jason Gregor) as well as HF Boards, it sounds like he had a good showing on the second day of camp.  Gregor even mentioned that Schremp might look to be a step faster with respect to his skating speed.   Apparently, he’s shown his world class skill at least with respect to his stick handing skills.  Specifically, there was mention of him demonstrating his skills by undressing Jake Taylor and scoring a nice goal top shelf on Pitton.  That’s top shelf baby!  On the third day of camp, Schremp apparently made a nice saucer of a pass through five players to Motin who failed to convert on during the scrimmage by hitting the post.  Finally, he managed to score three goals in a row in the staged shoot-out at the end of the scrimmage.  That’s three goals in four attempts.  If nothing else, I have to admit feeling kinda bad for Rob Schremp.  He’s obviously a player that has a lot of things going for him.  If he could only figure out the rest of his game, there would be more hope for him.

As for the other player that might be a victim of the recent Comrie signing, there’s Rob Nilsson.  Nilsson’s reportedly added a whopping 15 lbs on his frame over the summer.  As someone who’s been lifting weights for years, I can tell you that it’s no small accomplishment especially when you consider that Nilsson probably didn’t put that weight on indulging in “wheat based beverages” with Dustin Penner over the summer.  In short, 15 lbs, damn…

Back to Nilsson…  Someone possibly at HF Boards maybe Oilersnation–how can I keep it straight, joked that we should have the other GMs watch him during practice to get a good value for him in a trade, lol.  Nilsson was reportedly one of the most impressive players on the ice on day 2 of camp which is not too much of a surprise given his natural talent.  If he could only do more to show his skills in the context of an actual NHL game, right?

Okay, last thoughts…  Quinn’s already spoken about considering making pairings rather than rigid lines.  As for these pairings, what doesn’t sound better on paper than Gagner and Penner?  It sounds appealing because you get Gagner’s talent along with Penner’s decent hands and more importantly big frame.  However, on day 3 of training camp, it sounds like they were a lacklusture pairing.  Okay, I am admittedly nearly half asleep–and no not because I am hungover like Gregor, but I think it might have been David Staples who noted that Gagner needs a winger with some speed to open up space for him.  Not that Jason Gregor’s reading this, but just in case, sorry!  Yeah, his comments to this effect had him fielding alcoholism related screening questions when in reality, he was probably just trying to relate and bond with his readers.

Back to Gagner/Penner…  Last year, they didn’t play very much even strength time together.  surprisingly, Penner was one of the better offensive partners (forward skaters) with Ganger last year relative to O’Sullivan, Nilsson, Cogliano, or even Hemsky according to the stats at hockeyanalysis.  However, they only played around 100 even strength minutes together, so it’s probably not enough time to get a clear picture.

  • Ganger with Penner (1.07 GF/20)
  • Gagner without Penner (0.82 GF/20)
  • Penner without Gagner (0.97 GF/20)



4 thoughts on “Oilers Training Camp 2009

  1. Hey Noob,

    Good stuff. Yah the Schremp stuff… I feel reeeeeeeally bad for the guy. I really want him to make the team, but he seems to be an after thought. He’s doing a bunch of great things out there (Gregor even said he had a decent hit today), making gorgeous passes, scored a nice goal in practice, plus the shootout goals…. he’s fighting for his job. I also like how he carries himself in interviews. Very humble and you can tell he’s just trying to do everything he can to impress.

    But man, the competition is stiff. Normally I’d consider that a good thing, but right now I just can’t help but think that Schremp is getting sent down. Two days in a row with garbo linemates, it seems like he’s not really in the game plan. But you never know.

    So Doobie-doo (Dubnyk) is starting between the pipes tomorrow. Exciting stuff.. can’t wait to see how he does.

  2. Yeah, Schremp’s a funny topic… When you actually get past those annoying rabid Schremp fans (the militant ones), it's not hard to feel a little bad for the guy.

    I agree that all signs suggest that his chances are looking pretty slim, but hey what the heck, I'll be rooting for him. Schremp makes the team and there's enough drama and material for either one of a movie or perhaps a made for TV special.

    Yeah, Dbunyk's going to be a player to watch.

    Waiting for this season to start kinda reminds me of waiting for Christmas as a child growing up–that anticipation, lol. Only, it's like one of those years where you're not quite sure whether your grandma's going to get you a knitted sweater that you hate or the Tonka toy that you really want.

  3. Started up a game day thread over on the foil, feel free to invite all your buds over there for some free chips and pop.. there will be prizes handed out for the person that looks most like your avatar by the end of the night! (must still be concious though to win)

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