Penner is the bus?

I don’t think that I am the only one to scratch my head with a sense of wonder trying to figure out what possible line combination coach, Pat Quinn, will use for the start of the season.    Let’s take a look at two of these pieces that both have soft hands and some scoring potential, but differ in another important characteristic.

Dustin Penner is the bus

Dustin Penner is the bus...

Okay, so I am not the first to make this observation…  When it comes to the Oilers’ offense, Dustin Penner is not the one driving the bus.  He is the bus…  Today’s Edmonton Journal article by Dan Barnes reports that Penner’s weight is down while his spirits are up.  BTW–When I call Penner a bus–this is actually meant to be a good thing as Penner’s pretty much the only top six winger that we have who isn’t a smurf.  Today, Lowetide suggested that the Oilers management take a look at Ryane Clowe–another big winger whose size the Oilers could definitely benefit from among his other good qualities.

On the other end of the spectrum, We’ve got the Smurf, Mike Comrie…  Duff Smurf.  Though Duff Smurf wasn’t, perhaps, a piece of the puzzle that we have been hoping for (vet 3c who can win faceoffs/kill penalties, legit sniper, backup goalie, shut-down dman, or someone who can just add size/grit while being able to penalty kill), Comrie’s reportedly in better health this year and should he remember how to score 25 goals or more, he could reprise his role as the prodigal son…  All joking aside, Comrie’s not quite our smallest smurf, and I am hoping that he has a bounce-back year with the Oilers.

Mike Comrie's a smurf?

Duff Smurf



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