Oilers News Updates Saturday September 12th…

The stench of hockey equipment's in the air!
The stench of hockey equipment's in the air!

Okay, so it’s almost hockey season again!  You can almost smell the stench of hockey equipment bags it’s so close…  The Edmonton Oilers training camp has started today…

Oilers open 2009 Training Camp today!

  • The Oilers Training camp starts today which includes routine medical exams as well as fitness testing.
  • Robert Nilsson’s apparently put on 15lbs over the summer–seriously, did he break into one of Daryl Katz’s pharmacies?
  • Penner’s also rumored to at least look like he’s lost some weight over the summer and is apparently in good shape for camp.  Yeah, we’ve heard this one before, so we’ll have to see.
  • The first on-ice session will be open to the public tomorrow.
  • Here’s a list of rookies invited to the camp:

Rookies Invited

  1. F Jamie Bates
  2. F Jordan Eberle
  3. F Phillipe Cornet
  4. F Milan Kytnar
  5. D Jordan Bendfeld
  6. D Alex Plante
  7. D Johan Motin
  8. D Dalton Prout
  9. D Jesse Dudas
  10. G Bryan Pitton
  11. G Andrew Perugini
  12. G Olivier Roy
  13. G Kurtis Mucha

The U of Eh Golden Bears defeat the Oilers rookies:

  • Okay forgive me, I’m a U of Eh Alumni, so it’s the one game all year where I don’t actually cheer for the Oilers…
  • Though the final score was 4-3, the Oilers rookies were seriously out shot by the bears–especially after the halfway mark of the game.
  • The Golden Bears came from behind in the third period with a 2 goal deficit by capitalizing on a few powerplays.
  • In all fairness, the Oilers rookies were short both Jordan Eberle and fellow first round draft pick, Alex Plante.

Puck Daddy’s Oilers season preview!

  • Don’t miss this entertaining read about the Edmonton Oilers season preview by Greg Wyshynski.
  • Here is just one of the comedic highlights:

It was a difficult season that cost Coach Craig MacTavish his job, but not before he bestowed upon us one of the greatest sports terms of all-time: The Vortex of Death. Otherwise known as when “you lose a game and you get so down and you come in the next day and it’s tough to get out of bed the next morning.”

Update:  630pm.  Oilers training camp lines:


O’Sullivan- Horcoff -Hemsky
Reddox -Potulny -Fretter
Stone – Schremp – Linglet
Brennan – Comrie – Bates

Souray – Visnovsky
Aresene – Taylor
Wild – Bendfeld


Team B

Penner – Gagner – Eberle
Jacques – Pouliot – Stortini
Trukhno – O’Marra – McDonald
Emmerson – Lerg – MacMurchy

Grebeshkov – Gilbert
Chorney – Plante
Nickerson – Young


Team C

Moreau – Cogliano – Pisani
Nilsson – Brule – Minard
Cornet – Paukovich – MacIntyre
Czuy – Kytnar – Lazo

Smid – Staios
Motin – Strudwick
Prout – Dudas




6 thoughts on “Oilers News Updates Saturday September 12th…

  1. Thoughts:

    The O’Sullivan/Horcoff/Hemsky line indicates that this line will get a good look as a potential top line for the Oilers– PvP type line.

    The Penner/Gagner/Eberle line is interesting for two reasons: one it has the look of the Oilers second line +/- Eberle, secondly it suggests that Eberle could be getting a serious shot at playing on the roster this year.

    Another line of note–Moreau/Cogliano/Pisani has 3rd line written all over it which is interesting because if Quinn does use this as a third line, we can only hope that Mike Sillinger imparts some faceoff wisdom on Cogliano.

    Comrie’s slotted on a 4rth line with Brennan (a knuckle dragger) and Bates which is interesting… Does this suggest he’s getting a look as a 4rth line center? That’s certainly a surprise.

    As for the JFJ/Pouliot/Stortini line–it certainly has a look as a tryout for a potential 4rth line combination.

    Nilsson’s kind of an odd man out in terms of pairings which might suggest that he’s on his way out one way or the other.

  2. I wish they would have also given Brule a better opportunity. That line with Nilsson/Minard looks like a solid AHL line. But I would have liked to have seen Brule put in Pouliot’s spot.

  3. Yeah, I noticed that you seem to like Brule over Pouliot. In my mind, it’s unlikely that we’ll see both of them on the roster with the recent Comrie signing.

    While you were in Vegas, I took a quick look at both Brule and Pouliot by last year’s numbers. Pouliot vs Brule

    Unfortunately, Brule didn’t get many at bats last year. As well, he’s also listed as a full 15 lbs lighter–though he may actually play more physical than Pouliot.

    With the small sample size in consideration, the numbers didn’t speak well for him comparatively. However, I share your interest in seeing what Brule can bring to the table this year.

    The Comrie signing was interesting in that he puts a lot of pressure on several similar players to earn a roster spot this year including Brule.

  4. Yah the thing with Brule though is we haven’t seen him enough, no. I think I’ve seen enough Pouliot though to judge that he has serious consistency issues. At least with Brule you get the physical aspects of his game, something that Pouliot for sure is missing. It would just add more to a line with JFJ and Stortini on it… that line would be a tough line!

    But yah, I think the bottom line is that Brule is still a pretyt big unknown and hasn’t had his shot with us yet. I’m also a little worried about him having to clear waivers. Generally speaking, players will clear waivers at the beginning of the season, except in special cases. Wouldn’t want to take the chance losing him though. I honestly can say I wouldn’t miss Pouliot. Although at the same time, you never know how someone might perform under a new coach too, right? (Same goes for Nilsson)

  5. Yeah, it would be good to get a better look at Brule for sure. Haha, yeah that would be a tough line (JFJ/Brule/Stortini) and I am thinking that Quinn’s going to be forced to put some coke cans on the ice to compensate for the lack of size on our roster. I don’t peg Quinn for a guy that’s going to let our team get pushed around for too long before he puts some muscle on the ice. Here’s to hoping for some good performances this year from JFJ/Stortini.

    I’m having a bit of hard time with the Brule/Pouliot issue myself. Pouliot can be inconsistent as you note, but at the same time he benefited from more experience last year. With Brule you can get a more physical game, but he probably has even more unknowns at the NHL level despite perhaps having a higher ceiling than Pouliot.

  6. Today on Global News, Quinn was quoted as saying something along the lines of him considering splitting up Horcoff and Hemsky to run 4 ‘balanced’ lines instead of a traditional top line.

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