Dany Heatley traded to San Jose!

Dany Heatley as a Shark?

Dany Heatley as a Shark?

It’s certainly been one of the least pleasant aspects of this summer–particularly if you’re a fan of either the Edmonton Oilers or the Ottawa Senators.  Heatley gate’s dragged on longer than most have imagined with the final result being that Dany Heatley’s gotten his wish to play for the San Jose Sharks as per TSN.  At the very least…  It’s finally over!

TSN reports that Dany Heatley has been traded to the San Jose Sharks in a deal involving Jonathan Cheechoo and Milan Michalek.  The Ottawa Senators will also send the San Jose Sharks a 5th round draft pick in exchange for a 2nd round pick as part of the deal.  Dany Heatley can now look forward to receiving soft passes from Joe Thornton, getting his 50 regular season goals, and hopefully an early playoff exit so he can go surfing with big Joe.

Following the recent signing of Mike Comrie, there was a resurgence of speculation that this somehow might be suggestive of the Heatley to Edmonton deal coming back to life.  Imagine… just imagine…  Both Heatley and Comrie playing for the Oilers… Now that would have been interesting both from a roster perspective and to see how our fans would have reacted to both of these players.

What does the Noob think?

Okay, to me its patently evident that the San Jose Sharks made out like bandits on this particular trade.  Though they were recently rumored that have to deal Marleau to get Heatley (in a 3 way deal), instead they’ve dumped Cheechoo.  Unless I am mistaken, Cheechoo looks like he’s pretty much finished and I don’t imaging any teams were lined up to take his salary ($3 million cap hit by capgeek) off San Jose’s hands.



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