Of Mike and Men: Comrie on the Oilers roster?

Where does Mike Comrie fit?

Where does Mike Comrie fit?

Okay, so I’ve already said it before… Though the Comrie signing does not represent an attempt by the Edmonton Oilers management to fill a roster hole (veteran 3C, penalty killing, shut-down dman, 1LW sniper, or faceoff man), it does look good from a contract standpoint ($1.125 million dollar cap hit).

How does Mike Comrie fit on our roster and more importantly, where does he fit?

Though the Mike Comrie signing doesn’t address the Oilers need for adding size or grit, nor does it truly address a roster need, Mike Comrie does do some things to address our needs.  First, Mike’s a seasoned NHLer which does address our roster’s need for more legit NHLers.  To his further credit, though Mike doesn’t excel at any one of our true roster needs, he’s versatile enough to at least be able to do most of these things.

Is he a faceoff man?  No, but he has experience playing at center.

Is he a great penalty killer?  No, but he could be used in a limited role as such.

Is he a sniper?  No recently, but he has the potential to add some scoring depth.

Where does he fit on our roster?

It’s recently been speculated that he might get a look at 1-LW.  If that’s the case, we might see a line up resembling the following:

  • Comrie – Horcoff – Hemsky
  • Penner – Gagner – Nilsson
  • Cogliano – O’Sullivan – Pisani
  • Moreau – Pouliot – Stortini

It sounds like there will be a trial period for the 1-LW slot.  Overall, though I am not yet sold on this type of line up, it might have some merit.  Nilsson’s reportedly bulked about 15 lbs over the summer.  Our 3rd line would have a reasonably good combination of 2-way players that could face some tougher minutes.  Whether our HorComSky line could be effective in a PvP type match up is the biggest question.

Jonathan Willis recently proposed this line up:

  • Penner – Gagner – Hemsky
  • O’Sullivan – Horcoff – Pisani
  • Cogliano – Comrie – Nilsson
  • Moreau – Pouliot – Stortini

Personally, I like the idea of Jonathan’s lines.  Over the summer, there’s been discussion in the Oilogosphere of Shawn Horcoff and Pisani playing on a 3rd line together in a tough  minutes line instead of using Horcoff in a PvP role.  O’Sullivan would be more effective in that type of checking role than say Moreau.



4 thoughts on “Of Mike and Men: Comrie on the Oilers roster?

  1. I’m not liking Jonathan’s lines so much beyond the top line. I do like yours though, Noob. But I’ll throw out some other suggestions of my own. But I think this is proof that while we didn’t need another small, skilled forward, it sure opened up a wealth of line combos, didn’t it?

    Penner Gagner Hemsky
    Comrie O’Sullivan Cogliano
    Moreau Horcoff Pisani
    JFJ Brule Stortini

    Comrie Horcoff Hemsky
    Cogliano Gagner Penner
    Nilsson O’Sullivan Pisani
    Moreau Brule Stortini

    I know there’s better combos out there. There’s more than a few that could be pretty solid. And I’m not saying my lines are any better suggestions than anyone else’s. It all remains to be seen, really. But Quinn and Renney have a lot of options.

  2. Hey Racki, yeah I agree with one thing on your lines–O’Sullivan at center instead of Comrie. Comrie at center is one thing, in particular, that I didn’t like about Jonathan’s line.

    On your top nine, it’s similar to my proposed line and to be honest, I originally had Nilsson and Cogliano switched the other way around which makes our top nine pretty similar for your second line combination.

    From what Kevin Lowe said today, it sounds likely that Comrie will bump a smaller player off of the roster, so Brule and Pouliot will have a battle for 4c. Schremp’s gone… Nilsson might even be headed out too.

    If Quinn doesn’t get too imaginative, he might stick with the Horpensky line as a PvP line. That pretty much leaves us with:

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Comrie – Gagner – Cogliano
    Nilsson – O’Sullivan – Pisani

    Either way, you’re right there’s now a ton of different options now that Comrie’s in the fold. I can’t wait to see what roster/lines that Quinn puts together.

  3. I posted this on Oilers Nation as well too. Jason Gregor came up with some very similar lines, and I suggested the 2nd option I posted above (which was a slight variation on your lines). To be honest, I didn’t remember what lines I had posted here when I posted over there… to me it just makes good sense to go with lines that are similar to that. But again, there are so many different combos that I can’t even imagine what we’ll see.

  4. Yeah, there’s still some hope that we might make some further roster changes prior to the season starting as well. Lowetide’s already got an Oilers trade watch up on his site. To put it mildly, I would be pleasantly shocked as well as thrilled if the Edmonton Oilers effectuated a roster change in the next few days.

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