The Oilogosphere…

The Oilogosphere?

The Oilogosphere?

Okay, I thought that it would be interesting to try to compile a list of Oilers’ blogs from around the Oilogosphere.  If you’re an Oilers’ blogger and I’ve missed your blog–I apologize, so just include a link in the comments section.  As for myself, I just started my blog, Low On Oil, just over a month ago.  Though our team is mired in mediocrity for the past three years, the same cannot be said about the quality of Oilers blogs.  If there’s another team in the league that has a collective of bloggers that can actually compete with us, I would love to see some compelling evidence–I write this with an accosting smile on my face.  🙂

To be honest, I’ve been inspired by the recent article by David Staples of the Edmonton Journal with his recent article:  The ever-changing and all-seeing Oilogosphere grows more tentacles.

Edmonton Oilers blog list:

  1. Lowetide–Lowetide’s blog has been around for quite awhile–his archives date back to March, 2007.  There’s no question that the Lowetide blog is the rock of the Oilogosphere–I borrowed this description from Punjab Oil.  In fact, Lowetide is pretty much the King Pin of the Oilogosphere–it’s unlikely that any single blogger can compete with the volume and quality of content found on his blog site.  To be certain, there’s no question that Lowetide is for the more sophisticated hockey fan as his posts include detailed statistical information and analysis.  More importantly, Lowetide’s blog is the mecca of the Oligosphere–featuring the most knowledgeable and insightful blog commentators in the sphere.  In fact, many of the regular comment posters on the blog are actually bloggers themselves.  At the risk of sounding even more obsequious, I enjoy reading Lowetide daily.
  2. Oilers NationExcellent Oilers’ blog with several voices of the nation including Robin Brownlee, Jason Gregor, Wayne Gretz, Jonathan Willis, and Amber McCormick.
  3. Copper & Blue–Like Oilers Nation, if you’re actually reading this list, you’ve probably already know this blog very well, so I don’t need to say much except that it’s a fine blog.
  4. Black Dogs Hate Skunks–Very well written blog that’s been described by David Staples as “soulful”…
  5. Putting on The Foil–Started by Racki and Steve-O.  The POTF blog is unique in that it features its own comic strip as well as some greatly entertaining photoshops.  It’s already got a popular following of comment posters including myself, lol.
  6. Low On Oil-This is a relatively new blog that I started just over a month ago–if you’re reading about it right now, then guess what?  You’re already at my blog!  Update:  I’ve recently moved from wordpress to  Check out my new website!
  7. MC79Hockey–Tyler’s the Ironman of the Oilogosphere–his blog dates back to 2004 and he’s still going strong!!!  Tyler’s apparently a lawyer and his blog features great content as well as insightful analysis about the Edmonton Oilers.  Lowetide himself frequently comments on this blog which speaks to the quality of Tyler’s blog.
  8. Oilers Insider–It’s new to the ‘Shpere and is currently going very strong with multiple authors and frequent content including both NHL trade rumors and GM analysis.
  9. Cult of Hockey–David Staples’ Oilers blog for the Edmonton Journal.  I enjoy reading Daivd Staples and am impressed at his effort in tracking things such as player errors.
  10. Still No Name–Great blog written by Doggie2k who has recently been featured on a Copper & Blue roundtable.
  11. An Oilers Refinery–Recent blog with a few different contributors who had maintained their own individual blogs previously–that’s three great, experienced bloggers who write at one blog!  The current blog authors include Antony Ta (Raventalon40), Travis Yano (thick oil),  and Suneil Parmar (Addicted to oil).
  12. Oligasm–Popular blog formerly known as Punjab Oil.  It dates back to 2006 and has been going strong with 4 different contributors.  It’s full of fun and satirical content.
  13. Battle of Alberta–Historic blog that’s been around since 2005–one of the few early blogs that’s still going strong.
  14. Coming Down The Pipe-The Pipeline Radio Show’s blog featuring Dean Millard and Guy Fleming.
  15. Dan Tencer–Official Oilers blog.
  16. Irreverent Oilers Fans–Multiple contributors–legendary stats analysis — Vic Ferrari and other contributors.
  17. My Oilers – Edmonton Sun – Edmonton Sun newspaper/hockey blog.
  18. Bringing Back The Glory–Five contributors on a blog dating back to 2008.  Interesting and relevant content.
  19. Maxbone. I was going to quip that Maxbone sent me an irate email regarding his lack of inclusion on this list, but that would be patently false.  Love him or hate him, Eklund’s blog is read by thousands…  Maxbone’s blog is on Eklund’s domain name.  I mself am not an Eklund fan, but I won’t make Maxbone guilty by association…  His blog is very active and I will let you judge it on its own merit–Eklund aside.
  20. After the Green Light–Started in July of this year and is still current in terms of recent content.
  21. All Oil…all the time!–Another commendable Oilers blog which dates back to 2006 and is still trucking along!
  22. LoudMouthHemsky–started in 2008, content is still up-to-date.
  23. I’m Fairly Indifferent to Belgium–new blog started by one of the Lowetide regulars.
  24. Married to the Oil. Blog dates back to 2008 and is still going strong.
  25. Nothing 2 See Here–Dating back to 2007, it’s still going strong.  N2SH is a blog by Y2k.
  26. The Sports Juice— The Sports Juice is a  relatively new blog by Jonathan Joice, a sports writer from Calgary by way of Saskatoon.  Though not entirely focused on hockey, the Sports Juice aims to bring a common sense understanding of sports with the aid of stats.
  27. Oil Droppings–It was started in 2008 and hasn’t had a new post since June of this year–perhaps another blog waiting for the season to begin!  The blog author, Bruce, recently told me that he’s put Oil Droppings on hiatus as he’s moved over to the Copper & Blue.
  28. Xtreme Hockey–Fine blog dating back to 2008, yet still maintain current and relevant content.  Xtreme Hockey Blog is written by a former write for, Mckeens, and others.  I believe that he is Slats432 on HF Boards.
  29. The Hockey Symposium—  Commendable blog dating back to 2005–albeit with sporadic posting frequency, it’s still relatively current in terms of content posts.  The Hockey Symposium is written by Speeds.
  30. Gospel of Hockey–GOH dates back to 2008 and includes some detailed hockey analysis.
  31. Jean Shorts And Bagged Milk–great flash header with a cool neon sign!  It recently came back to life!
  32. Oilers Jambalaya–Current Oilers blog by Smokin Ray.
  33. All Oil..all the time–current.
  34. Oilers Republic–I just added this blog to the list after finding it on October 11th, 2009.  It appears to be a fairly well-written blog, however, there’s only maybe 15 posts written per year or so dating back to 2007.
  35. Slow Fresh Oil–Interesting Oilers blog that seems to eschew any typical form of navigation.  Having clicked back as far as it would allow me, it seems to date back to June of 2009.  Slow Fresh Oil doesn’t post with much regularity, but be sure to check out this site for its author’s irreverent sense of humor.
  36. Hockey Independent – Edmonton Oilers:  I just found this blog on October 27th, 2009.  The blog has some very good articles and it looks like the authors include RyanB and Burgundy.

Just woke up from a summer nap!

  1. Brambryoil’s Place–Like Puck Donkey and others, it dates back to 2008 and seems to be waiting for the season to start.  Update:  It’s recently come back to life!
  2. Bleeding Copper and Blue–July, 2009.  Update:  It’s recently come back to life for the hockey season!
  3. Hot Oil–April 2009.  Update–Hot Oil’s just woken up from the summer slumber too!
  4. Who Saw This Coming–I just found this one on September 13th, 2009 though it’s been around since February of this year.  Like many, it just woke up from the summer off season too.
  5. Always on the road— First post since 2008!  It looks like this blog is back to life?

Oilers blogs on life support:

  1. The Boys on The Bus–Started earlier this year, last post was in July.
  2. Puck Donkey–Good blog that’s been around since 2008.  Recent posting has slowed down.
  3. Covered in Oil-One of the first, the best, and sadly another great Oilers blog that’s no longer active?
  4. Copper Blue Dreams–April this year.
  5. The Refinery–An Oilers blog by Tommy Salo and Bubbles–last post in July of this year.

The Departed:

  1. Strange Deadfellows Oilersblog–Anthony Ta (Raventalon40) and Travis Yano (thickoil) said goodbye to Strange Deadfellows in July, 2009 to join Suneil Parmar to create An Oilers Refinery (above).
  2. The Read Deal Hockey–RIP 2008.
  3. Oligoblogosphere!–“I’ve abandoned my blog.” RIP 2008.
  4. Oilers guru— RIP 2008.
  5. Always on the road— RIP 2008.
  6. Oilers World Wide–RIP 2008.
  7. The Unofficial Igor Ulanov Fan Club. RIP 2008.
  8. Oil Country Ontario–RIP 2008.
  9. James Mirtle–A Hockey journalist’s blog…  James Mirtle moved from this blog site in October of 2008.  He’s actually a sports desk staffer at the Globe and Mail.  His new blog, featured below, is called “From The Rink.”

Honorary Mentions

  1. Hockey or Die! – The Score.  Okay, to clarify, I only put this blog on the honorary mention list because technically it’s an NHL Hockey blog more than an Oilers blog.  However, it’s written by Jonathan Willis from Oilers Nation and The Copper & Blue, so who’re we kidding?  Jonathan’s an Oilers fan not to mention one hell of a blogger.  Honestly, I had never previously found a reason to visit The Score until they hired him, but now it’s on my daily read list.
  2. From The Rink–Like the ‘Hockey or Die!’ blog, this blog is also listed on the honorary mention list as it’s more of an NHL hockey blog than strictly an Oilers blog.  However, the From The Rink blog is written by James Mirtle who is actually an Oilers fan in addition to being a sports desk writer for the Globe & Mail.  Also, like the Copper & Blue, it’s another fine blog that’s a member of the Sports Blog Nation.



11 thoughts on “The Oilogosphere…

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  2. Oil Droppings–It was started in 2008 and hasn’t had a new post since June of this year–perhaps another blog waiting for the season to begin!

    That was me. I put Oil Droppings on hiatus when I moved over to The Copper & Blue in June.

  3. Hi Bruce, thanks for the info and comment. When I started the list, I had planned on including more info on each blog, but it took me quite a while just to put together this list. I still plan on filling in more information on each blog. I guess that you could call it a work in progress sort of. I will update the info on both of your blogs. It sounds like a lot of these blogs are comprised of Oilers bloggers who left their previous blog to work together. I believe that was the case with An Oilers Refinery too.


  4. Hi Smokin’ Ray, thanks for visiting my site and thank you for adding me to your roll. Yeah, there sure are a lot of us. I’m constantly updating the list, so I am always trying to find more which I suspect there’s at least a few current Oilers blogs that I haven’t come across yet.

  5. Hey Noob, great idea, and thanks for the inclusion on your list. It’s very thorough. I’ll do some thinking as to whether anything else needs to be added, but great collection so far.

  6. Hey Racki, I know that you visit my blog only because I have such great photo editing skills… Okay definitely not lol, but yeah thanks for the feedback man. 🙂 Half the fun of having a blog is connecting with other bloggers, so that’s kinda where the idea came from.

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