Mike Comrie Signed by Edmonton Oilers!!!

Its Official:  Mike Comrie Signed by Oilers!!!

It's Official: Mike Comrie Signed by Oilers!!!

Mike Comrie Signed by Oilers!  Say hello to my little friend?

I try to avoid being profane in my blog, but I’ve got to let this one out… Holy Fuck!!!

The Edmonton Oilers and Mike Comrie have agreed to a one year deal worth $1.125 $1.25 million as per TSN. To be honest with ya, I’m pretty relieved to see that the signing is at a lower than anticipated price-tag.  It was previously speculated that the deal would be signed between $1.3-$1.5 million which suggests that Steve Tambelleni did a great job negotiating.  Unlike some perhaps, I don’t really have any reservation about Comrie regarding some of the unfortunate past history…  However, did we need one more little hockey player?

What will be of great interest to me as well as many others is what lies beneath…  Does this recent signing portend that another trade is upcoming?  What does this mean for Nilsson?  Right now, there’s more questions than answers, but we might see something exciting in terms of further roster changes that ensue.

There’s really not too much more to say, except that in anticipation of a Comrie signing, I’ve already welcomed Hillary and Mike Comrie to Edmonton.

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