Moving on up? A Tribute to Jonathan Willis

Jonathan Willis is hired by The Score!

Much like the beloved characters on the TV show, The Jeffersons, I’ve recently noticed that the prolific and esteemed blogger, Jonathan Willis, is now movin on up in the blogosphere.  Ranking a close second only to the much revered Allan Mitchell of Lowetide fame on a recent poll of favorite Oilers bloggers at HF Boards, Jonathan Willis has recently been hired by The Score.  A quick glance at Jonathan’s profile on The Score reveals that he has kept true to form and as of the time that I am writing this post, Jonathan already has 15 posts on The Score to his credit.  He’s definitely hit the ground running.  For those who have already enjoyed the musings and hockey analysis of Jonathan Willis over at The Copper & Blue or Oilers Nation, this is of no surprise.

Congratulations to Jonathan Willis!  I look forward to reading your present and upcoming blog posts over at The Score.  Happy 9-9-9 everyone!



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