Manny Malhotra revisited…

Manny Malhotra Face/Off

Manny Malhotra Face/Off

It certainly feels like it’s been a very long summer which is actually a good thing if you reside in Canada, lol.  Earlier this summer, there was certainly hope at least that the Oilers management might decide to sign Manny Malhotra to bolster our team’s Pk and to provide us with a 3rd line center who can win a face-off.  Surprisingly, Malhotra is still among the long list of UFAs that have yet to sign a contract.

Let’s take a second look at the hockey player, Manny Malhotra.  From the numbers:

  • Size:  6’2″, 217 lbs
  • Boxcars:77 gp, 11-24-34 points,  28 pims
  • plus/minus:  +9
  • Face-offs:  1380 taken, 58% won
  • Shots:  116, shooting % 9.5
  • GF/GA:  45-34
  • Corsi: +1.2
  • 5v5/60: 1.61
  • 5v4/60: 4.38
  • Qualcomp (5v5)= 0.03 /Qualteam (5v5)= -0.02
  1. What do these numbers tell us? The guy’s a fucking stud when it comes to winning face-offs.  Though he’s not an offensive dynamo, his positive Corsi, excellent plus/minus, and GF/GA ratio demonstrate that he’s an outscoring player at even strength (5v5) despite playing with a lower quality of teammates relative to competition.
  2. What would Horcoff say? It’s about effin time I get some quality help with defensive zone draws.
  3. Does a signing Malhotra make sense? It’s as close to a no-brainer as you can get.
  4. But how can a 34 point player help us offensively? Well, we can hope that relieving Horcoff of defensive zone draws should help Horcoff’s point production.
  5. Why haven’t we signed him? Aside from some necessary cap maneuvering that it would take, I have no clue.  Perhpas we’ve been too busy star-gazing and chasing elite talent.

PK Comparison

  • Fernando Pisani:  TOI/60=2.37  / GA ON/60=4.66
  • Shawn Horcoff:  TOI/60=3.02   /  GA ON/60=8.45
  • Manny Malhotra:  TOI/60=2.79  / GA ON/60=6.42
  1. What do these numbers tell us? Pisani’s rock-solid on the PK–a fact that sometimes goes unappreciated.  Malhotra had a better year on the PK than Horcoff with slightly more ice time.
  2. How could this help us? Well, considering our PK was 27th in the league last year and our team’s face-off % was 25th, one would expect that adding a player who’s among the best in the league at winning face-offs while also being an effective penalty killer should help to improve our team accordingly.
  3. Did I mention? I think I might have forgot to mention that Manny’s a big player, wins face-offs, and kills penalties…  Oh, and yeah he’s an outscorer at even strength–something that’s a rarity on our current roster. He’s like the fucking Sham-Wow.  Make any line-up using the current roster of Oilers players and slot him into the 3C position and it instantly looks more like a playoff team.

***Manny Malhotra rumor update:

I’ve heard rumors that Manny Malhotra’s been skating with the Vancouver Canucks.  Whether or not he will be officially attending their training camp is still unconfirmed.



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