Getting a deal…


Alex Tanguay to the Bolts.

Alex Tanguay to the Bolts.


Have you ever had an annoying acquaintance?  Yes, I am sure that if you’re  old enough to drive a car by now, you’ve had several.  Me?  I’ve noticed two types of acquaintances that I find to be pretty irritating–one is intrusive while the other is over inclusive.  Let’s call the first the guy that always ‘underpays.’  I worked in an office building and always seemed to run into the same guy everyday.  If I showed up in a new vehicle, he would promptly ask me questions such as where I bought it and how much I paid.  Without hesitation, he would instantly chirp in that he got the same car for his wife, but with more options for a lower monthly lease payment.  For a guy that claimed to have access to a discount on everything from clothing to cars, he never once offered to get me a deal on anything.  Instead, he seemed to delight in letting me know that no matter what I bought, he had access to the same thing or better for a lower price.

In contrast, there’s the irritating acquaintance on the other end of the spectrum.  Let’s call this the guy that always ‘overpays.’  I knew a guy like this when I lived in Toronto.  To be certain, the guy was pretty damn well off and he made damn sure that everybody knew about it.  If he bought the latest Ferrari, he would be the first to let you know that he had to pay $30,000 over list to move up on the waiting list because he just couldn’t wait for the car.

Two irritating types of people, yet two seemingly different modus operandi.  The first guy seemingly extracts joy in one upping you by letting you know or rather making you feel like you overpaid for something.  The second guy blithely goes around spending more for things than they actually cost and letting you know that he’s rich enough that he can do this and still not give a shit about it.  What they both have in common are that they’re both narcissistic and irritating.

Okay, so if he you see where I am headed, I am not quite drawing an exact parallel.  On the one hand there’s the Detroit Red Wings who’re able to sign players at discount.  In contrast, there’s the Edmonton Oilers who perhaps (Hemsky aside) are seemingly unable to get a deal.  Relative to my recent analogy, in both cases I find these scenarios to be irritating (as an Oilers fan).

If you’re an Oilers fan and you’re not at least somewhat nauseated by the recent signing of Alex Tanguay for a paltry $2.5 million dollars, then I really just don’t know what to say.  Though the old adage is, if it works, don’t fix it, I suspect that the current Oilers roster won’t be successful.



3 thoughts on “Getting a deal…

  1. You know what, in this case, I’m not too upset. I don’t think Alex Tanguay fits our needs any more than Comrie would. I would actually say even less. I’m going to have to say, if we get Comrie at $1.5M, that’ll be a much better deal than Tanguay at $2.5M. But it’s definitely tough to watch other teams get those good deals.

    Not to side track things too much, but I was mentioning on the Oiler forum that I’m slowly warming up to the idea of Comrie coming here. He’s small, but Horcoff addressed that by saying if he can score 30, who cares? So heck, maybe we CAN get our own bargain, for once. Who would have thought it was that guy though. 😆

  2. Hey Racki, yeah I agree with you that Tanguay wouldn’t have been a great fit for our organization’s particular needs. However, Tanguay at $2.5 million is still Alex Tanguay at $2.5 million… which is a very good deal imo.

    Lately, there’s been a few recent UFA signings at the pre-season UFA summer-clearance price blow-out, lol. It would be nice to see the Oilers get someone on the cheap. I’m not one to hold much of a grudge, so I don’t have a problem with Comrie coming here. Fuck, Comrie at under $1.5 million is still a pretty good deal for a legit NHLer who’s fairly versatile and has a scoring touch.

    Yeah, Comrie’s not exactly what we’re looking for, but at the right price, he should add value to our roster.

  3. Looking back at this post, we’ve subsequently found our ‘deal’ in the recent signing of Mike Comrie for what was initially reported as $1.125 million and later corrected at $1.25 million. Okay, so what if Manny Malhora signed for next to nothing to playing in San Jose–perhaps his contract signing was based on wanting to win a cup.

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