Mike Comrie to Edmonton–Myth Busted?

Mike Comrie Oilers?

Mike Comrie signed by Edmonton?

***Update Thursday September 3rd, 2009.  It sounds like that Mike Comrie will address the media tomorrow.  Dan Tencer recently twittered a quote from Fernando Pisani which might portend a done-deal on this potential signing?

Pisani just said “Mike will help us.” A slip of the tongue or letting the cat out of the bag? Seeing Tambellini in 2 hours and will ask.

***Update Sunday August 30th, 2009.

Dan Tencer’s updated his twitter.  It sounds like he’s standing by his previous information–though it does not imply that an actual signing has occurred.

Comrie is open to a return and the Oilers are seriously thinking about it internally. That’s the info and I stand by its accuracy

***Update Saturday August 29th, 2009.  Apparently, Jim Matheson, has weighed in on this rumor issue.  According to Jim Matheson’s source:

It ain’t happening … he ain’t coming here,” said a well-informed source. “Mike doesn’t fit any need that we have right now.”

My take on this update… Jim Matheson’s pretty plugged into sources for the Edmonton Oilers.  It sounds like it really is a case of myth busted.  It’s possible that there were discussions on some level, but that these discussions didn’t go anywhere.  As for the potential deal itself, Mike Comrie didn’t fit any specific roster need that we currently have.

Previous thoughts: (Friday August 29, 2009)

Okay, here’s the update and my thoughts on this rumor.  It sounds like the Mike Comrie to Edmonton rumor started either with Wayne Gretz over at Oilers Nation or someone who sent him a tweet–I am really not to sure which.  After that, Dan Tencer, via twitter acknowledged that it was possible without confirming too many other details.

For those of us who were hoping for an update from Dan Tencer’s twitter, all we got was some news about a mix up with respect to a muffin he ordered from Tim Horton’s as well as a joke about Dany Heatley requesting a trade from the White team (Team Canada), lol.

My initial impression is that this whole thing really sounded pretty flaky.  After the initial rumor on Oilers Nation, there really wasn’t much in terms of confirmation from a definitive source.  At the very least, one would expect that it would have made TSN today…  It hasn’t.

On the other hand, it seems like the rumor still has some legs.  Dan Tencer’s twitter now reports:

Oilers management has consulted at least one member of the veteran leadership group regarding Mike Comrie. It’s appears to be serious.

He continues as of 30 minutes ago:

Also, I’m told that Comrie is fully on board with a return to Edmonton.

If this rumor does pan out, well then credit to Wayne Gretz for breaking a pretty interesting story.  We can only hope that if we do pick up Mike Comrie at a price between $1.3-$1.5 million dollars that there’s some plan to move some other bodies around afterwards.

There’s also certainly an opportunity here if this really does pan out.  The Edmonton Oilers fans have taken their share of abuse around the league for everything from inciting rumors, burning rental furniture, spitting on players, etc…  If this deal is done, then it’s time to let bygones be bygones.

After all, we pretty much have to welcome Comrie back into the fold and just move forward.  (Let’s not forget Hillary either, lol.)  By showing the other cities that we’re capable of being able to forgive and forget, it will only help our fans’ image too.



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