A little bit about The Noob.

Just another Rubbydub blogger

Just another Rubbydub blogger

Okay, the cliché of being an anonymous hockey blog is getting admittedly a little bit tired, isn’t it?  Well, the veil on anonymity is irresistible for most hockey bloggers.  Not that anyone really cares, but for lack of anything newsworthy to write about, I will tell you a little about The Noob…  (Honestly, the first time in my life that I’ve written about myself in the 3rd person or with a pseudonym.)

Like most Canadian kids growing up in Edmonton, I too grew up playing the game of hockey.  In fact, without trying to blow smoke up my ass, I was a half decent hockey player at one point in my life.  Initially, I played left wing while growing up.  Though I always made the top tier team for my age group, I was relatively small for my size–not so much in terms of height, but overall size.  In Pee Wee hockey, I was one of the faster if not fastest skaters in the league.  Yeah, so I could skate…  However, my dad in his then infinite wisdom could see that I pretty much had hands of stone.  Small size?  Fast skater?  Hands of stone?  Okay, slow down here…  To make an analogy between my hockey abilities and Todd Marchant would be a huge insult to Todd Marchant.

Getting back to my dad’s infinite wisdom, he realized that my hands of stone would likely limit my ability to continue to make top tiered teams.  He  suggested that I switch over to playing left defense–advice which I aptly followed.  Long story short, yeah, I played a few years of Bantam AA/AAA as a left d.  Though relatively small–hm maybe 5’8 and 120 lbs soaking wet (to my recollection), I put up some middle of the pack boxcars, albeit with a really solid plus/minus.

Here’s the best part–sort of.  Okay so then I blew out my knee…  And no, lol, I am not one of those types that lament the fact that a knee injury ended what would have been a future NHL career.  To be honest, I pretty much didn’t have a hope in hell of making the NHL either way, lol.  In fact, though I did play on the top tier teams in a hockey town, to my recollection only one player that I ever played in a league with ever made it to the show.  That player’s name was Steve Reinprecht.

Having grown up playing hockey, I can now appreciate just how much incredible talent it takes to even become what most fans would disparagingly refer to as a “4rth line plug.”  Most kids that I grew up playing hockey with at one point in their lives either had the dream or perhaps the delusion that they too would one day play in the NHL.  Sadly, for most kids this dream never does come true. Conversely, having played hockey growing up, I can appreciate the talent and skill of not only the Ovechkin’s and Crosby’s, but of pretty much anyone that steps out on to the ice to play for any one of the 30 teams in the NHL.

Hockey’s the greatest sport and game in the world.  It’s been a long off season, I can’t wait until the Oilers’ opening night game!


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