Low On Oil

Oilers gauge

Oilers gauge

For those who haven’t yet noticed, I’ve renamed my blog, “Low On Oil.”  The previous name of my blog was, “Edmonton Hockey Blog.”  I have to confess that ‘Edmonton Hockey Blog’ was not the most imaginative of blog titles for an Edmonton Oilers Blog.  Special thanks to Racki over at the “Putting On the Foil” blog for the great work on the Photoshop for the new blog banner.  Anyone who was a regular of the old Oilers Message Board will instantly recognize Racki for the countless ‘free’ customized forum signatures that he’s done over the years including the one that he did for the Noob (Me) which you can see at the Oilers forum or in the contact page of my blog.

Again, I started out this blog as the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Noob, you can just call me Noob, during the maintenance period of the Oilers Message Board.  As to why, I came up with the new name, Low On Oil, that’s certainly a great question.  It’s also one that I’ve asked myself as I admittedly didn’t put too much conscious thought into it.  To reiterate, starting an Oilers’ blog during the off season and one of the quietest off seasons in recent history, has not been the most auspicious time periods.

For starters, we’re all coming off an unsuccessful and to some  extent an embarrassing situation with the recent Heatley gate situation.  Additionally, there’s no shortage  of frustration around the Oilers’ fan base and Oligosphere as well for the lack of activity during this off season.  We’ve all heard the rallying cries for some additional cheap roster vets, PK men, faceoff men, and other roster holes that seem to be left unaddressed for this season.  I guess, perhaps ‘subconsciously,’ I felt that we’re analogous to an engine that’s leaking oil presently.

Current Oil Pressure?

Current Oil Pressure?

Though the oil gauge is presently on low oil, I’m admittedly a homer and things can only get better going forward.  We’re fortunate to have the support of our present ownership in Daryl Katz.  It’s been beaten to death around the Oligosphere and forums already, but we’re also fortunate to have some fresh yet battle hardened faces behind the bench in Pat Quinn and Tom Renney.  Though I suspect we may ulitmately miss the presence of Charlie Huddy.

The Low On Oil blog will continue to gauge the oil levels of the Edmonton Oilers during this upcoming and future seasons.



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