Standing Pat?

Is Tambo holding an ace under the table?

Is Tambo holding an ace under the table?

Are the Edmonton Oilers Standing Pat?

Or is Pat Quinn waiting for the Cavalry? Here’s my ‘imagined’ conversation between Pat Quinn and Steve Tambellini…

As per the recent news article aptly titled, “Oilers can improve from within: Quinn…

Patrick Quinn, “Steve, what are we going to do about these glaring roster holes?”

Tambellini, “Relax.  Go back in there, chill them Oilers fans out and wait for the Cavalry which should be coming directly.”

Quinn, “Look Steve, with all due respect, I don’t really think that Dany Heatley’s coming… Do you?”

Tambellini, “Well, if not Heatley, I am thinking maybe one of Kessel, Spezza, Kovalchuk, or perhaps Marleau.  If not, we’re going to stand pat and just wait for the trade deadline.”

Quinn, “But Steve, I would be fine with standing pat if we were playing Razz, Badugi, 2-7 triple draw, or any variant of high/low poker, but we’re playing Stud poker where the high hand wins.”

Tambellini, “You’ve got one thing right Pat, we’re playing poker here.  How was my poker face when I said that?”

Quinn, “Good, man.”

Tambellini, “Could you tell that I was bluffing?”

Quinn, “Not at all!”

Tambellini, “Look Pat, I know you’re frustrated.  I know the fans are frustrated too, but we’re playing with a pretty cold deck here right now,  can’t you tell?”

Quinn, “Okay Steve, I realize that, but at the same time, I’m not getting any younger you know.  I didn’t come here to where my ass for a hat in the standings, you realize?”

Tambellini, “The night of the opening game, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.”

Quinn, “What?”

Tambellini, “I’m prepared to scour the the Earth for that motherfucker. If Heatley goes to Indochina, I want an Oilers representative waiting in a bowl of rice ready to pop an Edmonton Oilers DVD into his DVR.”

Quinn, “Dude, you watching Pulp Fiction again last night?”

Tambellini, “Oh, I digress….”

Quinn, “Okay, I’ll coach the fuck out of these kids Steve.  You ain’t got no problem Steve.  I’m on the motherfucker.”



2 thoughts on “Standing Pat?

  1. Hahah, yeah, to be honest, I pretty much borrowed that line from Lowetide. I gave him a quote and a link for that line in an earlier post.

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