A, B, Not Patrick Marleau, D, E


Where did my 'C' go?

Where did my 'C' go?


The San Jose Sharks are noting that changes are in store, perhaps, in response to their disappointing second season this year.  With widely publicized cap constraints, the San Jose Sharks GM, Doug Wilson, has been about as active as Steve Tambelleni this off season so far in terms of roster changes.  The Sharks have been rumored to not only be a preferred destination for Dany Heatley, but they’ve also had their name in the hat for a potential Heatley trade.  Most of these NHL trade rumors involving the San Jose Sharks for Dany Heatley have involved the Montreal Canadians as a potential 3rd partner in the trade.

According to the Mercury News blog, Patrick Marleau is no longer the captain of the San Jose Sharks.

“As of now,” Coach Todd McLellan said Monday, “nobody’s our captain.”

“Who will be our captain? Who will be our assistants? At this point I can’t give you that answer?

Whether or not this news is reflective of a potential trade or just a shake up within the organization, we’ll have to wait to see.

***Update…  When I originally wrote this post, I had a feeling that it was headed somewhere but never really got to where it was supposed to go.  Just today, while reading the comments section of a Lowetide post, it reminded me of where I was headed.  For those who are fans of the Edmonton Oilers, look no further than Lowetide’s blog for your complete education and enroll in Edmonton Oilers 101.  To be certain, Lowetide’s blog posts offer you a complete four course meal leaving you wanting for nothing more than some dessert.  Fortunately, the desert can be found in the incredibly long and well-written comment stream that follows.

I honestly don’t have a clue who Lowetide actually is… but I can tell you that a stead diet of Lowetide blog reading will certainly improve your understanding of the game of hockey.  Relative to this post, the comments section of Lowetide brought me back on track.  On the one hand, several heads have rolled within the Edmonton Oilers organization from Craig MacTavish, Charlie Huddy, to Pete Peters and more.  Pretty much everyone in a leadership role not named Kevin Lowe, Buchburger, or the ‘letters’ on the team have been replaced. It’s been an example of accountability for our perceived lack of success.  However, why stop short of replacing or reshuffling the letters on the sweaters?  Given, the recent precedent sent by the San Jose Sharks, why don’t the Oilers follow the same course?





For starters, let’s take a look at thecaptainethanmoreau…  Ethan Moreau’s known to take a lot of penalties (133 minutes) and with our PK last year 27th in the league, they hurt.  Conversely, his job is often to play tougher opposition and to kill penalties on the 2nd PK unit–which he was largely ineffective at last year.   By the numbers, it’s not a pretty sight:

[From the Copper & Blue] article by Derek Zona

League-wide, there are 135 forwards on playoff contending teams that are playing 12 mins+ of ES a night.

Ethan Moreau is 132nd in Corsi.
Ethan Moreau is second in penalties taken.
Ethan Moreau is 134th is taken/drawn differential.
Ethan Moreau is 113th in GF/60.
Ethan Moreau is 111th in Pts/60.
Ethan Moreau is 20th [last] on the Edmonton Oilers among all players, not just forwards, in scoring chance differential.

Conclusion: Ethan Moreau is the worst forward on any of the 21 teams in the playoff race.

Time to shuffle the deck?  From the numbers Derek Zona succinctly concludes:

In conclusion, Ethan Moreau stinks.



2 thoughts on “A, B, Not Patrick Marleau, D, E

  1. Im not sure if u can blame there lac of playoff success on patty. Im sure there are hidden intangables that played a role in the stripping of the c as well. It all breaks down to respect. Obviously marleau doesnt have the same respect he once had in the shark tank

  2. Hey Typol99,

    I agree with you that Patty can’t really be singled out for the lack of playoff success. It sounds like the Sharks are simply trying to send a message of accountability. Marleau has just one year left on his contract which puts an interesting spin on this situation. To my recollection, his name has been rumored to be shopped around in potential trade talks too. It may be a clue that a potential trade is occurring or just a red herring.

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