Ladislav Smid back with Edmonton Oilers?

As per my sources (lol, David Staples’ Edmonton Journal article), Ladislav Smid is back with the Edmonton Oilers.  David Staples suggests that Smid should have a spot in the top 4 defensive pairings on the Edmonton Oilers this year.  It’s certainly been an interesting year for Ladislav Smid.  During this past season, he’s seen some playing time as a winger during one of several roster experiments of Craig Mactavish.  Perhaps, MacT was trying to send a message to the GM that we’re in need of some size on our roster of forward skaters.

Following some of these interesting experiments, Smid made further headlines as his name was leaked along with Dustin Penner and Andrew Cogliano in the trade for Dany Heatley that has not transpired.  However, there are still some rumblings on Lowetide who is not usually known for discussing trade rumors, that in spite of Steve Tambelleni’s recent press conference, this trade still might occur.  I myself would be more than surprised if this trade with Dany Heatley actually did occur, but I can understand how there still might be some ongoing discussions in this regard. From my perspective, the Dany Heatley camp could do well to spend more time pondering over their lack of ‘strategery.’ lol

Even in David Staples recent article, there’ s more talk about Smid’s potential than his actual current level of play.  To me, that seems to be the theme surrounding many of our current young roster of players including Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano, and others.  I think that Smid’s a serviceable defenseman, but am not quite as optimistic about his ‘potential.’  Now that Smid’s signed, time to trade one of our ‘offensive defensemen’ for some offensive help up front…

Update:  October 30th, 2009.

Okay, so I will admit to be wrong so far on this one.  13 games into this season… David Staples looks to have shown some prescience that I myself have lacked in predicting Ladislav Smid’s play this season.  Already Lowetide and others have proclaimed Smid to be an ‘actual NHLer’ this year.  Smid’s currently leading this team in terms of the +/- stat for defensemen and it seems to be an accurate reflection of his play.  Smid’s turned out to be a solid defender and an actual NHLer this year.



2 thoughts on “Ladislav Smid back with Edmonton Oilers?

  1. Also of note, the Edmonton OIlers signed Gilbert Brule (aka creme Brule) and Ryan Stone each to one-year two-way deals.

  2. Update: Smid signed at $1.3 million cap hit (2 year contract). Brule signed at $800k cap hit–1 year (2 way) contract.

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