Danny Heatley as an Oiler?

Dany Heatley in Oil Silks...

Okay, I apologize already for the title of this blog post, lol.  After the recent press conference of Steve Tambellini, this outcome is exceedingly unlikely, or is it???

On the one hand, the Edmonton Oilers are already tight against the salary cap after the recent signings of Smid, Brule, and Stone.  The additional salary that the Oilers would take on if the original trade of Smid, Cogliano, and Penner were to occur, would create some salary cap issues for the team.  Yet, on the other hand, Dany Heatley is still one of the few legit 1LW snipers in the league today–at least, one of the few that are actually available.

Okay, I’ve said it before (and no I am not the first), but the Edmonton Oilers really are not one Dany Heatley away from winning the Stanley cup.  We might not even be one Dany Heatley away from even making the playoffs.  With the potential drop in the salary cap for the 2010 season that most people seem to expect, Heater’s $7.5 million cap hit could actually be more trouble than it’s worth.

I can still remember the night that the original news broke–I was in my car driving to the gym listening to Dan Tencer (yeah AM radio, wow eh?)…  My initial reaction was both one of shock as well as disbelief.  Fortunately, Dan Tencer was able to keep things in perspective by noting that Dany had no yet waived his NTC.  Yeah, at the time, I was just another nouveau riche Oilers fan who was willing to reach into Daryl Katz’s pockets and spend, spend, spend!  Salary cap, what?  Oh yeah, dammit!

To my additional joy at the time, I recall thinking that Tambelleni was indeed Rumpelstiltskin–finally an Oilers GM who could spin straw into gold (Penner into Heatley)!  At the time, several armchair GM’s were proposing trade packages for Heatley and many of which involved Penner in the trade (on the Oilers Message Board).  Both astute Oilers fans as well as nearly every Sens fans laughed at the idea of Penner being traded for Dany effin Heatley, lol…  You know, I’ve heard, he’s kind of a big deal.  He makes shit happen every time that he’s on the ice and apparently makes the turn-over king Spezza look good, lol:

Well, the sobering reality is that Dany Heatley has not waived his NTC and Steve Tambellini, the Oilers GM, has subsequently announced that the Oilers are not longer pursing this trade.  To quote former Oilers Coach, Craig Mactavish, “this is a debacle of monumental proportions.”  I myself am uncertain as to who is to blame in terms of leaking this trade to the media and leaking the potential Oilers players involved (Penner, Cogliano, Smid).  However, it seems that the only person to potentially benefit from this leak would be Senators GM, Bryan Murray, as the leak established the market value for Heatley.  Perhaps, Dany Heatley himself may have benefited from this leak initially as it forced the Sentators to trade him and made other teams aware of this need.  In spite of this, it has also hand-cuffed the Senators as well as diminished his trade value.

Even Eklund himself is not promulgating news of this potential trade coming back to life.  Yet, Lowetide has recently written a blog post in which he notes that three different sources have informed him that it still might occur.  From a PR perspective, the worst case scenario for Heatley is probably to return to the Senators training camp–though it may actually still happen.  Other trade rumors abound, but the clock is ticking…. tick…tick…tick…  Time will tell where Dany Heatley ends up for this upcoming season.

* Photoshop photo from Edmrefinery.



3 thoughts on “Danny Heatley as an Oiler?

  1. This Dany Heatley mess is finally over imo. Not too sure how this is getting stirred up again, but not worth writing about. It simply won’t happen dude.

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