Who is Eklund?

Who is this guy?
Who is this guy?

Who is Eklund?

For those die-hard hockey fans who frequent their teams–and now the NHL’s fan forums, we’ve all seen our fair share of forum threads generated on Eklund rumors.  To the uninformed, Eklund rumors can generate a literal buzz of web traffic to his site (hockeybuzz dot com) as well as pages of forum posts in the affected or respected hockey forums.  However, with several sites suggesting that Eklund himself has somewhere around a 3% accuracy rating on hockey trade rumors, many fans gain a sense of frustration when these hockey trade rumors do not materialize.

Whether his hockey trade rumors have accurate sources or not, either way, Eklund’s likely laughing all the way to the bank.  In terms of Eklund’s business model, he makes money presumably by selling ad space on his website (hockeybuzz) as well as by selling his season tickets ($20.00 per season for updates) even when he’s wrong. Much of this traffic is fueled by ingenuous Eklunadites who create new forum threads and post links  in the various 30 NHL hockey forums around the league.  At this point, some forum members are even suggesting that his rumor threads get banned from forums.

I myself prefer to use the humorous if equally inaccurate, Eklund rumor generator (click link).  Here’s another entertaining Eklund rumor generator that I’ve recently come across (click link).  Here’s a sampe of these joke rumor generators that look eerily familiar to those on Eklund’s Hockeybuzz site:

Penner to Blackhawks? (e1)

According to my sources within the Edmonton Oilers organization, the Chicago Blackhawks are willing to part with RW Patrick Kane, a rusty zamboni, C Jonathan Toews and G Cristobal Huet to obtain the services of LW Dustin Penner. Remember, you heard it here first!

In fact, someone has actually gone to a great deal of trouble to try to expose Eklund as a fraud.  Specifically, they’ve incurred the expense of not only registering a domain name (hockeybuzzhogwash dot com), but also additionally built an entire website which attempts to analyze the accuracy of Eklund’s rumors–Hockeybuzzhogwash.

Though Eklund has marketed himself as the “anonymous hockey blogger,” who essentially built his enterprise during the NHL lockout from what I understand, rumors about the rumor monger are starting to surface.  Some websites suggest that they know his name– Dwane Kessel.  Is Dwane kessel really Eklund’s name?  To be honest, I am not quite sure.  Being Eklund isn’t easy these days as a host of new anonymous hockey bloggers are looking to dethrone the hockey rumor kingpin.  Time will tell if any of them are able to reach the same level of notoriety as Eklund himself.

Is Eklund a fraud?  Well, as to whether or not Eklund can be considered a fraud, this is really a matter of perspective.  To those who gain a sense of frustration from spending their hard-earned money on an Eklund season ticket while discovering that many if not most of these rumors are inaccurate, then they provide one perspective.  On the other hand, many hockey fans seem to support Eklund as well as his site.  To them, Eklund’s seemingly innate ability to generate trade rumors out of thin air (with his Eklund generator perhaps), provides for a some topic of disucussion, particularly during the off season when little else is newsworthy except for Patrick Kane and 20 cents in cab fair change.



3 thoughts on “Who is Eklund?

  1. The requests for locking Eklund threads on NHL forums are not limited to just the Oilers forum. I’m a nucks fan and I’ve seen these requests on our forums too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are on other team’s forums as well.. What happened to freedom of speech, lol?

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