Patrick Kane on NHL 10???

With the recent incident as reported in TSN about Chicago Blackhawk’s star, Patrick Kane, allegedly assaulting and robbing an elderly cab driver, there’s a lot of ifs…

1. If this incident occurred as reported…  Kane just may be the most interesting man in the world–or perhaps the stupidest criminal alive.  Not only did he allegedly rob and assault an elderly cab driver over 20 cents in change, but apparently, he also repeated his name to said cab driver.

2. How much will this 20 cents in cab fare change ultimately cost Patrick Kane–only time will tell?  Not sure who made this Hemsky NHL 10 cover, here’s the link, but perhaps Hemsky might be a better marketing choice than Patrick Kane.

Update:  Patrick Kane is 20 cent…  Perhaps Patick Kane may make the upcoming cover of the next version of Grand Theft Auto?

Alex Hemsky NHL 10 Cover?



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